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We prototype and build web services, consumer products, and in-house electronics.

About Us

We're based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

StudioW was formed by a group of friends and relatives, in order to bring the spirit of design and innovation to Sri Lanka, and other developing regions. We bring together people from different expertise areas (design, engineering, marketing, management) to confidently tackle product design challenges.

Our Work Process.


Our first step in any project is to get an idea of the existing technology and to explore missing links in the user experience. Another critical question is: "Can we do this?"


After brainstrorming some sketches, we use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to quickly make initial design choices. We then go back and forth balancing material availability, cost and functionality to optimize this design.


Our engineers build a prototype according to the design that was planned, including metal/wood working, electronics prototyping and finishing.

Test & Deliver.

We aren't satisfied if the customer isn't. We extensively test our product on potential customers, using their feedback to continually improve ou product (in the case of web services), or develop the next vesion(in case of products).

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